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Zuperlist is an RSS News Reader that helps you follow news websites that publish often, as well as favorite blogs that publish less often.

Read below how it works.


You pick the websites that you want to follow.


News are sorted by how close they are to your interests, not by when they're published. It works automatically, depending on what you read and what you don't.


Zuperlist shows you what's new since your last visit, by keeping track of when you open or refresh your news feed.

Less clutter.

News that are closely related are grouped together, so they don't overwhelm your news feed.


Everything that doesn't match your interests is still available, categorized by topic and by website.

Highlight websites.

Like a particular website a lot? Mark it as highlighted and you'll always see everything published there.

Highlight tags.

Interested in a specific topic? Mark it as highlighted and you'll always see everything published under that topic.

Break the filter bubble.

Zuperlist gives you a quick glance at the most shared news, even if they don't match your interests. You'll also get a glance at top recommendations from websites that you don't follow.

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